Patch Submission

Are you interested in designing a patch for Conclave 2023? You can submit your patch designs to! Below a list can be found on what needs to be included in your design. Be sure to submit by November 12th. The Fleur de Li “Conclave 2023” “OOA” “License to Serve” “WWW” “Section G17S” The OA […]

Council Vice Chiefs Needed!

Are you interested in serving at the Section level? Well, you can! Each year, we fill the roles of Council Vice Chiefs, (CVC’s). The primary job of the CVC’s is to help plan the upcoming Conclave. If you are interested, please fill out the interest form found below! We look forward to working with you. […]

G17N Conclave

Our sister section, Section G17N, is having their 2022 Conclave this September 16-18! Register to support our fellow Arrowmen and for another Conclave full of fun! Click HERE to register.

NOAC 2022: Remote Delegate #3

NOAC shows are a can’t-miss part of conference. Now you can watch them from the comfort of your own home! Sign up as a Remote Delegate now for exclusive live and on-demand access to shows and other NOAC programs. Register at: 

NOAC 2022: Remote Delegate #2

Want to participate in NOAC but unable to make it to Knoxville? Sign up as a Remote Delegate! This is an amazing opportunity for you to enjoy all the shows, special trainings, interactive activities, and a game exclusively for remote delegates! Register now:

NOAC 2022: Remote Delegate #1

Unable to attend NOAC in person? Don’t worry, you can still participate! Remote Delegates are able to take part in all the top-notch training, competitions, evening shows, and more. Sign up today: